DT20 Route Description (updated 14.11.16)

Please note that parts of the DT20 race route leave the public Rights of Way and cross Open Access Land. This is subject to access restrictions so please check signs on gateways. On race day, some farm gates will be used instead of narrow stiles.

Coming from Reeth, cross the Arkle Beck Bridge at the bottom end of Reeth and just past the Dorant 4×4 entrance, take the small gate into the field and follow the public footpath to the L. Pass through squeeze stiles along the valley bottom and then as the fields steepen, pass a barn then go through a squeeze stile/gate onto a narrow green lane with a FP sign. Cross straight over this and climb steeply up, ignoring another green lane branching off on the R. Head up towards a hidden gate in the wall corner and out onto a track above the White House. Turn L briefly onto the main Fremington Edge track but then turn almost immediately R, (before a tree), following the old quarry track across the hillside.   Just as the track crosses a large section of rubble, with a spoil heap on the R, immediately before the track drops away, turn L to pick up a trod heading up into the quarries. This becomes a flat path for a short distance.  Ignore a trod turning up to the L and stay on the edge until you see the path curve steeply round to the L. Follow this, with the shallow gully on your L until the path crosses it near the top . Go straight ahead to reach a large gate in the intake wall.

Turn L and follow the wall, passing over a ladder stile, to reach the main Fremington Edge track. Ignore the footpath behind the wall that goes straight on, instead turning L through the main gate. Find a trod by a small cairn that heads towards the edge to pick up the main trod all the way along Fremington Edge, crossing two stiles until reaching a large cairn at the far end. From the cairn follow the trod R to meet the main footpath and turn L downhill for a few metres. Look carefully for a faint trod going diagonally down across short grass, or  go down to ruined sheepfold and turn R to get to the same point. (If you get to a yellow arrow on a marker post you have gone too far) Head across the moor on a faint trod until the first hush (gully) is met. Turn L and follow this down (ignoring one faint path off R)until the trod obviously leaves the hush on the R (you will know if you have gone too far as there is no path further down the hush, just grass). Track diagonally down across the moor, following a faint path to meet the mouth of another hush. Go down this hush until the hush splits in two, taking the R hand (furthest) fork for a few more metres. Take great care on the steep slippery bank into this hush.  At a narrow cross track, turn L, (making sure not to carry further on down the hush as it steepens severely). Follow this quarry track, keeping close to the wall on your R before dropping down to cross a shallow gully to the main intake wall gate.

Go through the gate and follow the footpath down to Storthwaite Hall. Turn sharply R in front of the house, go over the small bridge and follow the track to the Arkle Beck. Turn off L on a wooden footbridge over the beck then follow the footpath through the tiny cemetery, turning L into the road. When the main Reeth-Arkengarthdale road is reached, turn R for a short distance then turn L through a small gate into the field (FP Foregill Gate 1 ½ miles). Follow the public footpath signs up through the fields, keeping the new fence on your L, then down into the depths of Foregill, passing mining spoils on your R. The footpath turns through a small (easy to miss) gate in the wall to the L, then follow footpath up to the main track. Cross this (towards wall, where the Water Station will be at 10.3 km) then follow footpath over the brow of a hill and round to the R of Calver Hill. As the path drops and becomes indistinct there is a FP post with a blue arrow, turn L here and take a rising line, then more steeply to the flat summit of Calver. From the summit cairn head North for a hundred metres or so, into a dip to find an obvious small trod down into the gully on the R. Follow this down the gully and onto a low ridge to the very bottom. At the bottom, before the grouse butts, turn R on a small trod and then follow this up over the shoulder and down the other side to hit the main track (C2C route). Turn L at finger post and follow this track as it swings round to head North, back into Arkengarthdale. Look for a quad bike track going off L. Follow this for a hundred metres or so until a shallow dip, keeping an eye out for a narrow trod going off R, across a small ditch and by some flat stones (easy to miss). Follow this footpath as it leads down across the moor until it comes to the Reeth-Arkengarthdale road at a footpath sign. Go straight across to follow the track down to the river, crossing it by a bridge. Follow the track up to Castle Farm, passing in front of the house then follow the public footpath signs though fields/woods to pick up the bridleway (always muddy!) Look out for the same small gate into the field that you came through on the way out. Turn R and follow public footpath signs back to the start.

Please use this description in conjunction with a map. This description is used at the runners own risk