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Three challenging races — DT20, DT30 and DT40 — come together to make the Dales Trail Series.

After a fantastic first year in 2015, the La Sportiva Dales Trail Series returns for 2016 to take runners through some of the most breathtaking scenery that Yorkshire has to offer. Conceived as three exciting, stand-alone routes that combine into one great Grand Slam competition – it’s up to you to decide how many races you want to do.

To qualify as a Grand Slammer and claim your coveted limited-edition Grand Slam medal, you have to complete all three races, covering a total of 90 kilometres and over 2,550 metres of ascent. Grand Slam results are then calculated on finishing positions in the three races to find the overall winners.

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The Dales Trail Series has been designed to help build trail-running skills and fitness over the season as race distances increase – but don’t worry, there’s enough time between races to recover and prepare for the next, longer, harder race.

 Huge thanks to La Sportiva, the 2016 event sponsors.
and of course Swaledale Outdoors Shop – Reeth, for providing logistical support and expertise.

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3 days ago

Dales Trail Series shared Foxgrove Photography's album.

Huge thanks to Paul from Foxgrove Photography for these great photos of the DT40.

Paul has been our Grand Slam photographer for 2016. He's taken some really exceptional photos and captured the atmosphere and emotion of the events and locations perfectly.


Please like Paul's page Foxgrove Photography .

Feel free to SHARE & TAG
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The first batch of photos from yesterdays DT40, lots more to come over the next few days so watch this space :) Dales Trail Series, Swaledale Outdoors Shop - Reeth, La Sportiva

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3 days ago

Dales Trail Series shared a Dales Trail Series.

Join the GROUP and see what's going on after the DT40!
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6 days ago

Dales Trail Series in Reeth.

The Dales Trail Series is a three-race competition fought out on some of the toughest trails in the Yorkshire Dales.

To be a GRAND SLAMMER you must complete all 3 races covering over 90km of trails with more than 2550m of ascent.

We don't give away medals. YOU earn them.

#motivation #getoutofbedonsaturday #trailmarathon
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1 week ago

Dales Trail Series shared Foxgrove Photography's album.

Paul from Foxgrove Photography will be joining us again for the DT40. You'll have seen the superb photos from the DT20 & DT30.

Paul will be taking pre race portraits and he'll be out on route somewhere with his big lens, he's looking for suffering. Pained expressions make great photos don't make his job easy. SMILE!
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The first few photos from yesterdays DT30, lots more yet to come, I just need to find the time to edit them all!! Please feel free to share, use and tag people into them. Dales Trail Series La Sportiv...

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1 week ago

Great view of part of next weeks DT40 route taken by Sarah Spilett from her paraglider from above Dodd Fell. Your route is the lighter coloured straight trail coming up from Cam Houses. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Dales Trail Series at Wensleydale Brewery.

Your thirst and generosity at the DT30 helped raise £336 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We know these guys do an incredible job so help us raise even more for them at the DT40!

All you need to do to help us raise even more money for this hard working charity is drink beer! Take some home after the race, buy some for friends or partners, stock up for Christmas! It's a refreshingly light golden beer with hints of caramel & citrus. Mmm.

Legend has it has it that an old shepherd once ran a marathon in the hills surrounding Semer Water for a bet. He returned after struggling up the hills for hours in terrible conditions almost crippled. Incredibly he drank a bottle of this amazing recovery brew and woke the following morning with fresh legs looking younger and more handsome than ever before!

This marvellous stuff is brewed by our friends at Wensleydale Brewery.

Make a donation of £3 per bottle...more if you like!
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